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Anticipation....new Ed Poullard box

How's this to make an admitted accordion junkie more nuts than normal? I just got an email from Ed Poullard that my new "D" accordion is done, shipped, and will be at my place on Monday. That's exciting enough, right, but how about this... I have absolutely now idea what it will look like. None. Not a clue.

When I was trying to talk him into building one for me, I said two things: No time frame, when it's done, it's done; and the only stipulation was it had to be key of "D". I told him to make one he'd be proud of, and I would be too!

I'll post a pic when I get it, and let you know how it is not to sleep for 72 hours.

Re: Anticipation....new Ed Poullard box

Heck, I'm excited for you. Looking forward to the pics.

Re: Anticipation....new Ed Poullard box

I "test drove" it yesterday. You'll like it, no dought.

Count me in....another Ed Poullard box

Enjoyed the post. About a year ago, I asked Ed to build a box for me. I pretty much talked to Ed and we had a similar discussion. This will be my first high-end accordion and I'm looking forward to it. About a week ago, Ed emailed me and reported that he was close to finishing. I expect to get the accordion later this month during the week of Balfa camp. In short time there will be two Poullard boxes, about 100 miles apart (I'm in Urbana, IL). Perhaps an "Ed-Heads" meeting, somewhere along I-74 is in order?

Re: Count me in....another Ed Poullard box


I have Poullard's #4 - first one not for his family,
I believe. It's natural bird's-eye maple in Bb.
I'm in the Chicago area - looks like now there is
a midwestern triangle to try to get together.


Re: Re: Count me in....another Ed Poullard box

Count me in too if you folks want to have a Chicago gathering. I am in Chicago proper on the northside. Am new to Cajun accordion, but I seem to be learning at least a tune a week, and already played diatonic accordion(5 row) for the past few years, so the concept isn't all that new to me. Trying to learn fiddle now too...

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