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New portable recording device

I purchased this week an Edirol R-09 portable digital recorder...frankly, this technology is amazing...about the size of a cigarette pack...uses 2 AA batteries...has it's own self contained stereo mics...uses SD cards for storage...I've tried recording concerts, practices, jams, etc. using everything from a Roland home studio to a Sony mini-disc...this little gizmo has them beat hands down...I set it on a table in a quiet room and played my D into it and then played it back through a set of small monitor speakers...the reproduction was as close to dead-on as I think it can get...no moving parts...

For the record, I have absolutely no connection to any retail enterprise that sells these things...I found this one searching Ebay for the best price...

Re: New portable recording device

Thanks for info. I mostly use Mac, and wondered if the interface on your device is Mac friendly?

For recording, I use a small recording device which is attachable to my ipod ( turning it into a digital recorder ). the quality is amazing. I download on to itunes..or .. with another program called Fission, I can edit, cut and paste away, keeping or organizing all the soundbites, songs, interviews, whatever.

I recently found another Mac friendly program which does audio hi-jacking and another for saving youtube vids to ipod or computer.

Re: Re: New portable recording device

try this one too



Re: New portable recording device

Glenn...from the owner's manual..."to create CDs, you need a CD writeable drive and either Windows Media Player for Windows OR iTunes for MacOS...

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