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Re: Re: Re: LA-Handmade not overpriced

Rick, while I can see you're point on someone from LA producing bellows and reeds here, the first time those bellows come apart when someone is pulling on it, will be most likely the last time that maker will sell an accordion or the bellows for that matter.

As someone who is about to "hit the market" with an all new name brand accordion, I can tell you that unless you go through all of the trials and tribulations of building these things you won't have a true appreciation of their worth. I say that meaning for me, they are a labor of love and when you love something, you put everything you can into, at least I do. I look at this as if I would be building each and everyone for myself and no one else. For me, if I know what I am getting had the same care, attention to detail and strive for perfection that I would give, it's worth the money. I know that I am not going to sell a box to anyone until I am 110% satisfied with it and believe me, I am my own world's worst critic !!

All IMHO !!

Re: Re: Handmade accordion

$2640. That includes internal mic, strap and flight case. R!CK

Re: Handmade accordion

Thanks Rick, I'am thinking on buying another new box sure like the Martin in white..

Re: Re: Handmade accordion

Mr. Gary! The best thing about a Martin is Jr.'s frindship. He's a great guy. Good luck on your next bundle of joy -- whatever you decide! R!CK

Re: Handmade accordion

i have a real good saltarelle cayun box made of maple wood in c with binci hand made reedsi sell for 750 euro

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