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Re: Re: A-D-G for Irish 3-row

Dale - those instruments look like some good fun for the not-quite-ready-for-pro player. I looked at the brochure *.pdf for the "new for 2007" stuff, and zydeco enthusiasts should be aware that the 3 reeds on the El Rey Del Vallenato are all mid-range, so you won't get that low honk you might desire.

Plenty of Celtic music is played on MMM boxes though...it's a matter of taste for sure.

Re: Playing in G on a C Accordion

Since I am new new to the accordion, I play most of the banjo, fiddle, and guitar tunes I know in C. This helps me learn the fingering. I also try to play the A and G key tunes I know in G and can usually get by if I play an A note instead of the F natural.

Unfortunatly this does not work if I play with the group because they play mostly in the fiddle keys of D or A.

My plan is to get good enough and then buy a D box for playing in D and A. At my current rate I will have plenty of time to save up the money.

Good luck and have fun.

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