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Free LA handmade accordion...

Now that I got your attention..lol. I have something that I am very curious about. This is mainly to all or any of you outside of this area (South Louisiana, Golden Triangle), but anyone feel free to chime in. I have seen that some of you have expressed an interest in learning to build accordions. I would like to know how it is you guys are planning to build these. Like where do you learn from (do you take your apart, diagrams, etc). I have been tinkering with the notion of trying to eventually build one, but I don't really know much about working with wood. Your stories, input, etc would be great.

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Re: Free LA handmade accordion...

Joey, I am pretty committed to it now, about $600 worth of parts in my shop I gotta do something with. It may not come out as good as having one made, but I'm just a die hard flub-it-yourselfer.

I have talked to several builders, every single one of them took way more time than I would have ever imagined to offer their knowledge and advice. Since you live there, you may want to see if any will apprentice you if you are serious about it. If you just want to take a stab at it at home, and you havent seen it yet, check out web site #3 for Steve's website. It has a lot of info including drawings and pictures.

I was down for Easter and thought about looking you up but didnt because of compressed time table, but next time I am down I will. Have fun at Chicot, wish I could go.

Re: Free LA handmade accordion...

I hope to build Cajun accordions in the near future. Used to work for an accordion repair guy, but never learned the finer details of making them. I hope to stay in LA this fall and work for Jr. Martin for a while, this way I can learn a bit form him, and get a better look at his jigs, and learn more about how to set up shop. I have considered buying parts, but it's probably a waste, as I am better off building a few under the guidance of someone else before I spend several grand on bellows, reeds, etc....

Re: Re: Free LA handmade accordion...

now just ever cooyon just caint say he gona build a acordionn you got to no somthin about what you are buldin no ole jr migt not higer you if he knows you mite put him out of buzzness--teebooger

Re: Free LA handmade accordion...


Try this site. This fellow took the plunge.



Re: Free LA handmade accordion...

wher can we buy tickes for the raffel--teebooger

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