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Bluerunner on my Erica

I'm making a lot more progress than I thought on my double row. I'm playing 1/2 of Bluerunner so far, after only an hour or so.

Biggest hassle is getting my fingers in the right configuration in order to reach other buttons in another row, or same row on up the line. I'm playing the beginning lick with my I-M-R fingers, then when I want to move to the next riff, I have to get my Middle finger where the Index finger was in order to free up the Index finger to play something else.

Also, hitting the right spot when I have to jump. There's no way I could handle a triple row right now. It least it was lost on my while sitting in an accordion shop the other day.

Are there any double rows where the inner row is 12 buttons and the outside row is 11?

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