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Re: Re: newbie - beginner accordion

If nothing else, I would try to get the Hohner 114. You could get a second hand German made for $200-$400. Or a new Chinese one for about $500. I find it a good step above the Ariette. Also, you can notice that many, many Chinese boxes (just look at Ebay) are probably the same box with a different name on them. Beware though, if you have not yet tried a handmade box do not do so unless you want to dish out! There is just that much difference. Good luck!

Re: Re: Re: newbie - beginner accordion


Thank you for your reply.

Where might I find a second hand German made for $200-400? I've looked but not seen any.


Re: newbie - beginner accordion

Here is The Brown Box its own-self right on good ole e-bay for probably less than $ 70.00. I played one for 3 years and learned just enough to be dangerous on my new hand made LA unit. The one shown was probably owned by a little old lady who only used it to play hymns on Sunday. Go get 'em!

Re: Re: newbie - beginner accordion


Thank you for the link. I'll give it a shot.


Re: newbie - beginner accordion

I have one just like it. I bought it to screw around with while my handmade was being hand made. I learned how the bellows worked along with the air button and playing the scale in octaves. I still play it but it tires you out quickly. Good with beer drinking and watching the smoker filled with ribs!
They are cheap
you get what you pay for

Re: Re: newbie - beginner accordion

this discussion again---- well once again i remind all that an ariette is great for a newbie because it is a whole lot quieter than a handmade... the neighbors will thank me for encouraging you to buy one.

as far as cost--- pay up to $125 for a cajunasian box---no more! There are a lot of em out there iolite, bon ton, ariette, etc etc. keep watching ebay, but do not pay 3-400 for a new one from a reputable dealer! You will still be diddling around with it to get it to play almost immediately.

lastly- there are some really fine 2-rows out there that sell way under value because they are not hot right now. The best is an erica or even better a 3-reed corso, but there are plenty of weltmeisters, delicias, bandmasters, german-made no-names, italian no-names, and even an occasional top brand italian 2-row that go very cheap, and are fine musical instruments (which the ariette class is not).

Re: Re: Re: newbie - beginner accordion


A apologize for bringing up this discussion again. I imagine it can get old, quick.

One solution to this problem is a FAQ sticky at the top of the threads. If all points of view have already been expressed, I'd be happy to compile them for the group. Of course, I can only quote others because my p.o.v. isn't informed enough. But I've done this for other discussion groups and it is pretty easy. If there is interest, I can start a new thread and people can just submit links to the most informative "beginner/newbie/should I buy an arriette/morelli?" posts.


Re: Re: Re: Re: newbie - beginner accordion

JUST LOOKED AT EBAY--- HERE'S CHEAPIE THAT MIGHT JUST BE A GOOD ONE--- sound like the bellows may need a little tape,


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: newbie - beginner accordion

Thanks for the heads up. But I just put a (modest) bid on the ebay item JB alerted me to.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: newbie - beginner accordion

De nada, Ken.
But, I think maybe somebody else on this forum is trying to outbid you. What the heck, what's another
buck. Keep it rolling. Anything less than a C note for a French Chinese C key squeeze is a sweet deal.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: newbie - beginner accordion

it just went for $305. Go figure.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: newbie - beginner accordion

Ebay provides vast evidence to disprove one of the fundamental principles of economics, which is that people act rationally in their own economic self-interest.


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