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Jeffrey Broussard instructional DVD?

I noticed on the Creole Cowboys Web site that something called: “Learning Music From The Heart: Zydeco Accordion with Jeffery Broussard” will be available soon. How good does that sound?
You know I want it bad. Bet some of you do too.
I thought that if I put this bee in your bonnet, some of you who are going to Balfa Camp might be moved to get some info on when this might be available and then let us know. Please?
Thanks in advance,
PS: Now if someone could just talk Horace Trahan into making an instructional DVD....

Jeffrey Broussard instructional DVD - yep coming soon

Hi Claude,
Yes, you saw correctly. Jeffery Broussard has an instructional DVD in the works. It has been a dream of his for years to produce such a DVD. I will post a message on this forum when it's ready and it will be available for order through his website: http://jefferybroussard.com/

Re: Jeffrey Broussard instructional DVD - yep coming soon

Thank you Saanen! I'll be looking out for your posting!

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