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A Tale of Three Accordions

For me, as it is for many of you, my accordions are much more than musical instruments...they are a connection to a remarkable culture and group of people who have greatly enriched my life. I can't look at them, or play them, without being reminded of great times, great friends, and feeling that sense of community that comes out of sharing a love for Cajun and Creole music and the people who make it, and this forum is an important part of that.

First, on the left, a Bon Cajun in C, out of Brazilian Rosewood. When Larry told me he was retiring, I asked him to make one for me, and I would supply the wood. I found the wood, sent it to him, and the result is this one, and the CFMA raffle accordion of a year ago.

On the right, a Bon Cajun in A, purchased from a contributer to this forum. Curly maple, red stain, black trim. Tony, as promised, it's in good hands.

And now, in the middle, my newest addition...an Ed Poullard in D, curly maple with a honey color stain, flat metal buttons, beautiful to look at and beautiful to play. It's Ed's #10. What a privilege to own an instrument that was created by a man whose contribution to Cajun and Creole music is legend. May your tribe increase, Ed. And I hope you'll share your long journey toward building accordions, going back 25 years to Mark, your apprenticeship with Jude, and your relationship with Larry.

As Steve Riley said, the dominoes continue to fall. And I'm a lucky guy.

Re: A Tale of Three Accordions

Absolutely beautiful. And you are right in saying they are more than just instruments. They are works of art and a constant reminder of my cajun heritage. I love my Jay Miller BON CAJUN and know it will be treasured by my children one day.

Re: A Tale of Three Accordions

Wow. What a collection. Beautiful. I can't stand to put mine away. I leave at least one out to look at even when I am not playing.


Re: Re: A Tale of Three Accordions


Do you mind if I ask how much you paid?


Nick B

Re: Re: Re: A Tale of Three Accordions

The Three Graces, eh, Chuck? Of course - you know it's a disease, don't you? A slippery slope leading to Accordionists Anonymous!


Re: Re: Re: Re: A Tale of Three Accordions

Can I sell you one of my Zydeholics Anonymous shirts, at least until you get organized?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: A Tale of Three Accordions

Dwight, do you take PayPal?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: A Tale of Three Accordions

First, I was kidding, which is so unlike me.

Second, I do take PayPal, but I don't have anything your size right now unless you're xxl.

Re: Re: Re: A Tale of Three Accordions

Price...Nick, sorry but I do not like to put a price on things. Not trying to be difficult, but I don't want to get in the way of the people who make and sell these things...better to talk with them about price. Concerning Ed's, the price was very reasonable, considering the current market, and compared favorably with quality used ones that have sold recently. Hope I don't seem contrary, just trying to not speak for anybody else.

Re: A Tale of Three Accordions

...wow...the light faceplate of the 'D' is really striking and unlike any that I've seen..congratulations!

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