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Is there a Cajun jam scene in the SF Bay Area?

Is there any kind of Cajun jam scene in the San Francisco Bay Area? I live in the East Bay, play guitar and fiddle, and now a bit of accordion, and would love to meet some other folks to get together with about once a month, work on tunes together, etc.

Re: Is there a Cajun jam scene in the SF Bay Area?

There is a weekly jam at Blair Kilpatrick's house in Berkeley most Thursday nights. That is a good place to meet some folks local to the area.

I can email you her address if you like.


Re: Is there a Cajun jam scene in the SF Bay Area?

hi. i am a beginner fiddle player that loves the balfa bro and would like to get together with another fiddler to play/learn some tunes. i play lots of other instruments play by ear and am a incredibly fast learner.
I live in berkeley. name is eric and can be reached at 510 407 1977

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