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Re: Breakthrough! AKA Accordion for Dummies!

I hear it all the time, I just can't make out what he's saying.

Re: Breakthrough! AKA Accordion for Dummies!

Please read the label regarding proper dosage, and consult your physician.

I actually have a few different technology ways to adjust the key of recorded music. But I can sort of transpose in my head for something where I don't need to know the exact tone (as I would need to do in some extremely complicated passage, which generally describes Iry). These days I'm beginning to "hear" hand positions in someone elses playing, regardless of the key. But only just beginning.

Re: Breakthrough! AKA Accordion for Dummies!

There are many programs for transposing tunes from one key to another, and for slowing down music for the purposes of learning. I use one called ASD sold by Roni music. Just google it, and it is immediately downloadable. Cost me $ 39.00 a few years ago. Great program.

Re: Re: Breakthrough! AKA Accordion for Dummies!

...or Audacity -- it's completely free.

Google dat!


Jamey Hall's most excellent Cajun Accordion Music Theory

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