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"Break it down!"

Just when I thought I knew a dangerous amount of info on zydeco, I stumble across something that puzzles me.

There are several artists where, on the event in a certain tune, the band leader calls to the band to "break it down" -- no surprise in zydeco, I know -- but often the phrase they say sounds like, "Andy Mill". I've been thinking the drummer's name is Andy Mill, but Andy can't possibly play for a dozen bands without getting some ink on the jewel case liner. So, it's obvious they are barking out a Creole slang phrase, no? If so, does anyone know just what this phrase is and how it's properly pronounced?

Merci buckets,


Re: "Break it down!"

When I have heard that phrase its been in some what of a jazz setting where
they music gets a little quiter, musicians are very much "in the grove",
and its getting near the end of the playing.

I too would like to know other people's thinking on this.... Ed

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