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Thanks Maz!
I guess the singer forgives his In-Laws their past unfriendliness -
would you agree that appears to be the moral of this story?

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Or is it more that the girlfriend's parent forgot that they were once young too?

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Not really. It is more about a guy who's getting a little annoyed by his girlfriend's parents. When he goes pick her up, the parents observe how he's dressed, and his hairdue, and they don't seem to be impressed with him.

He is kind of saying: They can forget about the old time... (ils peuvent oublier le vieux temps passé)

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There has to be a reason he would bother saying it. Must be because in the old days they were like him, but now that they are parents they don't remember what it was like when they were courting had to face the scrutiny of the girl,s parents, no?

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A person could really drive himself crazy trying to make sense of the lyrics of some old songs. They so often were singing what they could remember hearing from unwritten songs, and often ad-libbed, just putting something that fit the tune.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Lyrics

I think the moral is that the old folks can forget about him changing his clothes and hair and his modern ways...they can forget about the old times, that's all in the past.

I couldn't access the page you referenced for lyrics so I just wrote down what I sang. In case you are not that familiar with Cajun dialect, "Ca" in Cajun is many times used for "they." For certain verbs, "Ils" is used. "Apres" is used in the form etre+apres+infinitive verb= to be in process of doing the verb. Je suis apres jouer mon accordeon=I am playing my accordion. I think "en train de" is used in other areas to mean the same thing. I think I have heard "en train" used around here to mean "to be nearly or almost or about to" do the verb. Je suis en train d'aller. I am about to go or as we say in the south "I am fixing to go." This might not be exactly how every Cajun says or means things...it is real informal here.

1.--Ton papa et ta maman, ca me resemble pas trop content,
Et quand moi je passe pour te ramasser ils sont droite la apres me guetter.

2.and 4--Ca observe comme j'habiller et ca aime pas comme j'sus peigner. Il ya une chose que moi je connais, ca peut oublier le vieus temps passe.

3--Moi, j'vois pas quoi moi, j'ai fait; c'est juste de ca fait trop des idees. Avant ca casse notre amitie on va partir et s'echapper.

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Un gros merci Chris - j' t' souhaite de passer un très bon show- à Iowa!


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