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Re: Re: Is it possible to refinish an accordion?

i think refinishing would be hard
because the original process
does stain first, then engrave,
ink the engraving, etc

i had my blue 1996 point noir fade
to an uneven greenish light blue
it was almost yellow in spots
it was probably made with food color

my larry miller from 2000
has faded some to a less intense
purple, and i am pretty sure
he used real woodworkers dye, not
food coloring

so all those weird stain colors might
fade, no matter what
i;ve even tried to cover it when not

the point noir, i sold to
cajungreeneyes, but he knew about
the fading



Re: Re: Re: Is it possible to refinish an accordion?

Color Haiku

I made an inquiry to Jr. Martin
To change the color of a box
From a bright color to solid black.
The cost would be $800.


Not worth it, IMO.

Re: Is it possible to refinish an accordion?

Removing the clearcoat is the messy part. Food coloring stain can be drawn to the surface with a damp towel first. An oxidizer will then eliminate the color. I have not used a bleach solution, but Oxi clean works in dillution as well as lab cleansers. Aniline dye, which is very hazardous, is colorfast when lightstruck and is what many gibsons are colored with. It is added to the lacquer as opposed to staining first. Try the coloring on scrap, and then try removing it.
It has worked for me on a variety of stringed instruments that used a water based dye.
I would just live with it on a box though.

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