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Re: Re: Well, I jumped in (to the small pond)

Where you from Tim??

Re: Well, I jumped in (to the small pond)

i live in Portland Oregon.

I have a friend here in town, Lynn Ann Hyde, who is a Hohner endorsed harmonica player and plays with her husband as "Kinzel and Hyde". She also plays a button box, a concertina and a few other squeeze boxes. I always enjoy their cajun flavored blues, so I wanted to jump it. I play in a blues/swing band, but expect I'll use this accordian on a few songs a night, that is, once I am good enough :-)

I asked Tina at Marcs shop about the "shop adjustment" they offer. She said they did this on the Arietta because the quality was inconsistent. She went on to say the 114 didn't need any adjustment due to the higher quality overall, and I guess that was enough to prompt me to spend the extra $200.

Looking forward to getting the HA114 next week!

Re: Re: Well, I jumped in (to the small pond)

Good luck learning and have fun. I think you made a wise purchase. That little box, while not really pretty, sounds pretty good for the money. I regret not getting that one when I started out. I bought a Hohner Arriete and hated it. I had one built a couple of months later. You definitely need to try to make it down here to LA sometime.

Re: Re: Well, I jumped in (to the small pond)

I bought a Hohner 114 a year ago from Marc's shop for the same reason, cost and quality. I am very pleased with the sound. It is not as nice as the home made accordions, but that can be the next step. I met Larry Miller at Dodgeville, and I am going to try to adapt a new key board and base box to my Hohner so that it plays a little easier. This may take a while to accomplish since I have to make the parts myself with Larry's long distance help. The keyboard, flappers and base box will then be just like the hand made versions. When it is completed I will share the results. Glad to see another Hohner owner.

Re: Well, I jumped in (to the small pond)

Congratulations Tim!

The HA-114 was my first box too, and I am still using it sometimes, even though I have better boxes.

My understanding is that the HA-114 is now made in China, and I have not played one of those. But I can definately state that the one I have is *vastly* superior to an Arriette. It is probably still true, even with the HA-114 being Chinese made. Let's put it this way: it is hard to imagine that any accordion could be worse than an Arriette!

Good luck and have fun.


Re: Well, I jumped in (to the small pond)

Thanks folks for the thoughts.

While the Arietta got mixed reviews, it seemed there were very few complaints about the HA-114 (given it's price point). As Marc sells it for about $200 less than anyplace else I could find, and it was only $200 more than the Arietta, it just seemed to make sense to me.

But lets hope I don't catch the bug too bad!!! I've got about a dozen guitars. If I get get the bug, I'll probably end up with a few hand mades. I can't afford it!!!

Re: Re: Well, I jumped in (to the small pond)

Does the 114 you bought have spoons or buttons of bass (left hand)?
Within that price range, if you're not ready to buy a real LA-made, did you consider a Gabanelli Cajun King? You can get a new one for around $800 all in. THey're not bad at all, and much superior to the Ariette-type.

Re: Well, I jumped in (to the small pond)

The 114 has spoons. Lyne Anne Hyde was telling me great things about the Gabbanelli, but I gotta stop the bleeding somewhere!

I talked myself up from a $300 arietta to a $500 HA-114. It's a slippry slope. $300 -> $500 -> $800 -> Handbuilt...

I do absolutely appreciate the thought!!! THANK YOU!

Re: Re: Well, I jumped in (to the small pond)

Tim, believe me, the accordion you now have has made a career for some great players in the past. You can play it with pride, and you won't go anywhere you would have to be embarrassed about it. You can spend more money, but the music is in the playing, not the instrument. And this from a guy who has owned 6 name brand, handmade LA boxes, and hopes to own more. Play it, enjoy it, and you're on the right track.

Re: Re: Re: Well, I jumped in (to the small pond)

Chuck is right. It's all about how you play. But gosh I hate these ?&*(*+?%$% spoons!

Re: Re: Well, I jumped in (to the small pond)

I just have to step in here. The Gabs have an anemic sound, and are probably really only worth about $500.

If you had buyers remorse, or wanted to trade up to a handmade by selling the Gab, you probably couldn't get $500, if you could find a buyer.

Bang on that Hohner, and save your money for the big league.


Re: Well, I jumped in (to the small pond)

man i tell yall whay would somebodby want to jumps in a pond was you dranken must of been i aint never herd somethin like that befors i keep my cows out of the ponds causes the tutles will bite there **** off and she wont be no moore good--teebooger

Re: Well, I jumped in (to the small pond)

Well, ya see teebooger, We don't have turtles in Oregon!

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