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Re: Somewhat off topic: Irish whistles

I would check out the first link above for Chiff and Fipple, quite often people are selling used whistles on there for cheap, and flutes(actually have on of mine up at the moment). If you have the money to spend and want a good whistle, go for a Michael Burke or Copeland, play both brands myself, and love em.

Re: Re: Somewhat off topic: Irish whistles

Thanks for the response. I guess this would be considered lagniappe, right?

Thanks for the great links. Love that sound on Burkes site. Can you direct me to the whistle you have on Chiff and Fipple? So it sounds like a high D is the most popular? I assume that would sound great with my D Bon Cajun? I will take any further question to Chiff and Fipple as it would seem more appropriate there.



Re: Re: Re: Somewhat off topic: Irish whistles

whistles are usually played either in the tonic
[d on a d whistle] or the 4th
[g on a d whistle]

so a d would work fine with your d accordion
or an A, if you could get one

d is the most common whistle you can get
followed by c

and they don;t call a normal one 'high', they call a huge one ' low d '

you can ben/slide notes very easily though, so
d and c will probably be all you need

i wouldn;t spend over $20 on your first whistle

$20 worth of whistle will outplay you every time! :)


Re: Somewhat off topic: Irish whistles

I'm a fan of the Susato whistles. They are a good quality plastic whistle and you can buy them as a set of C, D, Bb at a discounted price.

Perfect to complement all of the most common Cajun accordion keys.

Being a plastic whistle, they are not subject to the issues found with "natural" whistles on camping trips, etc. They do cost more than the "cheap" plastic, whistles, but they play very well and are a good all-a-round instrument.

They play loud, stay in tune, and have a nice "chiff" if you want it.

That is my two cents.

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