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Re: What key cajun for Irish music

Last summer I went to Celtic Week at Swannanoa Gathering near Asheville NC.
In addition to workshops fpr uilleann pipes I took the Irish accordion worshops with noted Irish player, James Keane. Everyone there had two rows and I had my C accordion from Jr Martin. I learned alot just by watching the class.

However James Keane was delighted that I had a one row and after the class he played it for hours. Also told me this is what people in Ireland use to play before
they developed the Irish two row accordion.

My friends in Ireland say the one row accordion is making a come back and they do use it in many competitons.

Links above are on Johnny Connolly for those interested.

So go for it Danny and play the one row! Irish or Cajun, you'll love it.
It is an instrument that can stand on its own.... Ed

Re: Re: What key cajun for Irish music

I think D would be the most common key for Irish. I know it is in Newfoundland, where there's a strong Irish-Celtic heritage.

Re: What key cajun for Irish music

Beautiful, thanks guys,
I guess I'll be getting myself a D!
go raibh mile maith agaibh!

Re: Re: What key cajun for Irish music

Gotta watch the tuning of a cajun box though. I think Cajun uses a lot more chords and blends than Irish, and the cajun box has a different tuning from other boxes.

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