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Blues lovers, and other old music

There was a discussion a while back on blues on a cajun accordion. For those who do not have it, it may be worth the purchace of "Cajun Fais Do-do" from Arhoolie. The Breaux Brothers play a song called "Breaux's Blues", all I can say is wow.

It also has some Balfa/Nathan Abshire songs, including what is now my favorite version of "Bayou Pon Pon". Dewey's voice gives me the frissons like no one else can. It also includes Isom Fontenot and Cyp and Adam Landreneau. If you like the old stuff dont miss this one.

Re: Blues lovers, and other old music

You'll also find on that cd a song, forget by whom, called "Blues de Petit Chien", which sounds very very very much like "Pine Grove Blues", only a few decades earlier.

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