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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ponderings-songs new, old, and everything in between-it's all good

And, Dowell, a lot of these people also come from Europe. Here are just a few of them that play good Cajun music :





Netherlands :



United Kingdom :



Denmark, Sweden, Norway :



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A weird twist to this story, is that I'm one of that generation who, almost subconsciously, tried to "protect" our children by not teaching French a home. And in my battle to reach the door to "escape" the culture and language that caused me all sorts of problems, at school and almost anywhere else that I went, I am almost overrun by all of these people that were trying to come in to learn my culture/language. Lucky for me, my son was of one of these, and helped me to see what was really happening. From that I can sense that there is a chance for our music and culture to survive, and probably even the language, with some losses.

Dowell Lafleur

Teach your children well...

Oddly, I was reading an article in Hawaii magazine, regarding the diminishing effects of the "old ways and language of the Pacific islanders".

Yes perhaps it is, as a matter of fact.
The article was dated Sept. 04 ... so it's somewhat of a contemporary view of a diminishing cultural effect, very much like the cultural segment concerne posted here.
Simply titled "Teach your children well."

Any wonder as to why? That is to say; why would any elder hope to cling to that which was, and, hope to enrich a generation that is vastly influenced by outsiders in a contemporary media world? Roots? Hope? Legasy? Rememberance?

The answer to that, is contained (though varied)in the view point of each and every person, and,it may never come to a single hopeful conclusion. Sad? Perhaps it is, and it may not be totally understood for decades, once gone (of the importance).

Chris Miller, Jude Moreau (and many others): What you are doing for your children (and theirs to come) is a lesson for us each... you and your wives have my total respect. Others? well what can you say beyond .... "Teach your children well"

A person from another time

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