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Questionable pricing and quasi false representation???

Folks, you have to look at this...
Gabbanelli boxes at twice the price of the manufacturer, and crappy Chinese-made boxes supposedly as good as the real Louisiana-made... Check the link above.
There's an old adage that says "A sucker is born every day..." This guy is definitely counting on it.
What do you think?

Re: Questionable pricing and quasi false representation???

Love the Morelli.

Photographed upside down.

Must be for left-handed players?

And the photo of the one upside down on the tile floor.... total class act. Ahem. Not to mention the one "peeking" out of the case like it's too embarrassed to be played.

Some people, eh?


Re: Questionable pricing and quasi false representation???

"..and I have this nice 10 acre waterfront track, near
the sunny beaches of Florida....may need a draining
permit." This guy would make PT Barnum smile.

Domain registration info for merchant mentioned above

Domain name of cajunaccordians.com [spelled with "ians" not with "ions"] is shown as registered to Ned Theall, of Ned's Music in New Iberia. See link #1, which shows an email address at boogiekings.com (link #2). I don't know anything about the accordions listed on cajunaccordians.com, but it's hard to read this about the Gabbenelli accordions listed there: "This is a handmade Cajun Accordian. It has been rated as equal to or better than the Cajun hand made accordians that are made in Louisiana. This fine instrument comes with a warranty and service is readily available."

Re: Domain registration info for merchant mentioned above

I think Boogie is better off sticking to selling CDs

Re: Questionable pricing and quasi false representation???

...I remember an old horse trader here in our country that used to sell blind draft horses as horses that 'have never seen a bad day'...

Re: Re: Questionable pricing and quasi false representation???

Have to agree with you guys but sometimes it seems you see this too often. Seems like someone mentioned before will auction his supposedly last made starting $3000. Hummmmm!!!! This is not quiet as bad but still pushing it a little. Btw P.T. Barnum did say theres a sucker born every day.

Re: Re: Re: Questionable pricing and quasi false representation???

You're criticizing the wrong person on this one Gregg.

Larry has made quality, reasonably price accordions for a long time, which allowed a lot of us to get into this racket, with arms left for playing, and legs left for stomping.

Supposedly he "pulled out all the stops" on this one, his last one. Whether you think its "supposedly", or "allegedly" doesn't really matter. Larry has earned it.

If he can get $3000 or more for it, good for him. My suggestion to you is don't bid on it.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Questionable pricing and quasi false representation???

I for one will surely not bid on that accordion all the stops being pulled or not. However, that should not prevent anyone else from doing so. Just remember P.T. Barnum thats all.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Questionable pricing and quasi false representation???

Knowing Larry, the proceeds are probably going to charity or non-profit groups. He's made several accordions in the past that were raffled for CFMA.

And the accordions with no stops are louder. Always a good thing.

Re: Re: Re: Questionable pricing and quasi false representation???

Gregg, I'm not sure what you're referring to on your last comment? It's very confusing.

Re: Questionable pricing and quasi false representation???

I don't know if it's the same guy, but there is a guy on ebay that has been selling Morellis for some time by pretending to be a musical organization catering to education.

I researched the guy and it seems the only educational thing the organization does is sell stuff at a profit.

He touts the Morelli as "rare"
See link above.
At least he is only selling them for $180


Re: Re: Questionable pricing and quasi false representation???

He also refuses to answer questions about his products before a sale. I've tried to file a complaint to eBay, but its like I'm staring down one of those big black monoliths in "2001".

Great Tunes, NOT!

You can actually call the store if you want. It's called "Great Tunes". You can find complaints about these guys all over the internet.
Great Tunes LLC
336 Main Ave S
Twin Falls, ID 83301
(208) 735-1343

"This seller is the biggest psycho on Ebay. He/she also goes by the name a-deal4u.

Out of curiosity I bought a flute from Great-Tunes, and it fell apart in two weeks time. I've owned five flutes in my lifetime, and I've never seen anything as shoddy as the "German engineered" model I bought from them. The funniest thing is: Great-Tunes is offering the same model I bought -- using the same picture -- only now it's got a different fake name. Unbelievable.

Avoid like the plague! These instruments are of rock-bottom crap quality. The brand names offered are fake (like "schill"-- ha ha ha). They're all cheap imports that, if they work at all, they WILL break after minimal practice time. These are the very same cheap instruments music teachers warn parents about. They're mass-produced in Asian or Indian sweatshops to be sold by jerks like Great-Tunes -- who know nothing about music or instruments. Your local music shop will NOT repair the items, and this seller doesn't know how to repair the items, so when they break you're out of luck. Trust me: they will break sooner rather than later. If you're buying for a child, don't, because the instruments are of such poor quality that the child will grow frustrated when they can't make it sound right.

Even if you think you're getting a deal, this seller totally overcharges for shipping -- cancelling out any bargain you thought you found.

The seller is a nutjob when it comes to feedback. If you complain about ANYTHING, the seller will post negative feedback in ebay -- and the seller will outright lie. He will say anything to make you look like a schmuck, no matter how far from the truth his stupid comments are.

He is so notorious Ebay rarely applies his complaints against buyer's accounts. Ebay is so used to his insanity that they won't hold it against you if you make the mistake of buying product from him.

If you've a child who wants to learn to play an instrument, find a local music store. The only good thing ebay peddlers like Great-Tunes have achieved is the fact that stores have lowered their prices to compete with the internet. There is NO substitute for talking to someone who can really play the instrument you're buying."

More ****ing info available here:


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