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Re: Re: Well, I jumped in (to the small pond)

I just have to step in here. The Gabs have an anemic sound, and are probably really only worth about $500.

If you had buyers remorse, or wanted to trade up to a handmade by selling the Gab, you probably couldn't get $500, if you could find a buyer.

Bang on that Hohner, and save your money for the big league.


Re: Well, I jumped in (to the small pond)

man i tell yall whay would somebodby want to jumps in a pond was you dranken must of been i aint never herd somethin like that befors i keep my cows out of the ponds causes the tutles will bite there **** off and she wont be no moore good--teebooger

Re: Well, I jumped in (to the small pond)

Well, ya see teebooger, We don't have turtles in Oregon!

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