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Re: Re: French Immersion

I'll be ****ed. I live in California, but went to Nicholls State Univ. in Thibodaux back in the early 70's. Born and raised 15 miles from there. I'll check out Sainte-Anne's, but likely Nova Scotia, unless I can swing something really cheap in Thibodaux. Could be a way to visit a lot of folks too. Thanks Maz.

Re: Re: Re: French Immersion

Let me know if you drop by Halifax.

Re: Re: Re: Re: French Immersion

I'm looking to try to do some hiking/backpacking SOMEWHERE in Canada. Been scouting lately.

Any suggestions close to you?


Couch surfing?

That sounds like a fun experience. Have you ever heard of Couch Surfing? I've attached the link above. It's an international network of people who are open to receive people in their home for a day or two. As a member, you get the privilege to connect with other members, and in exchange, you have to accept to receive people in your home at least once in your life. Pretty cool. In terms of geographic location to visit, perhaps we can email each other. I can give you some ideas if I know what your interests are.

Re: Couch surfing?

My email is zydeholic at yahoo dot com.

If anyone saw my house, they'd want their money back.

Re: Re: Couch surfing?

Couch surfing is free!

Re: Re: Re: Couch surfing?

That's what I mean. They'd still want their money back. Like "We spent all that money to get here, and this is what we get?"

Jamey Hall's most excellent Cajun Accordion Music Theory

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