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Re: Problem with one of my stops

Maz you can fix this yourself. Try this. First remove the stop knob and rod from the small block inside the accordion. Now use an exacto knife or someting similar to remove most of the old glue from the slide and block. Then using that same knife rough up the slide and block surfaces which were glued making small scratches on each so that the glue will have something to hold on to besides slick surfaces. After this glue the block back in the same place it was using Elmers carpenters glue or similar glue. You may have to apply some weight to hold it in place. Let dry and screw the knob and rod back in place. Voila!! cest tout.

Re: Re: Problem with one of my stops

I would suggest the same as John, only thing that might be difficult is if there was glue applied to the rod before it was threaded into the block or the knob. The one thing that I am doing with the stops that I am installing, is in addition to gluing the block, I try to put 3 nails into it also so that I hopefully won't run into this problem.

Re: Re: Re: Problem with one of my stops

Interesting thread...my suggestion is never pick
up the accordion with the stops....if you 'pull' it
out of the case by the stops, or do a jerk with your wrist,
something bad could happen. I always use two hands
to remove it from the case or the left hand strap to carry mine....

Re: Re: Re: Re: Problem with one of my stops

Thanks for your input guys. I'll take a new look at it. I might fix it myself, or bring it to a buddy who's a luthier. He's good with that type of work.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Problem with one of my stops

I think that the Luthier can handle it Maz. The most critical thing is to ruff up the gluing surfaces so that the glue has something to bite onto for lack of a better term.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Problem with one of my stops

The luthier is used to fix fiddles, guitars, and all kinds of wood intruments. He's got the experience in working with fine woods, glue etc.

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