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Re: Re: Re: Re: How do you grab your baby?

If I'm sitting around playing at home and close to the carpet, I lift by the stops. If I'm standing on stage, I lift by the shoulder strap. I've been lifting by the stops for years -- never had an issue.


Re: How do you grab your baby?

It surprised me to see how common that was. And I know Larry Miller picks them up that way. It may be fine to do so, but it sure makes me cringe a little to see it.

Re: Re: How do you grab your baby?

When I started playing, I never used the stops to lift or carry the box. Then I saw several people do it, and thought it was okay. However, I won't do it again. All it takes is a little sideway pressure to damage the stop mechanism.
Plus jamais!

Re: Re: Re: How do you grab your baby?

I dunno. I think it's fine. My Savoy accordions are built like tanks.

Re: How do you grab your baby?

Mais me, I grab em like this chere.

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