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Magnolia Sisters in France

For the Europeans here:
the Magnolia Sisters will be in France from 2nd to 6th June.
Check out my link for more info.

Cheers, Yves

Re: Magnolia Sisters in France

Actually, it's not all of them. It'll be my mom, Jane Vidrine, and Lisa Reed. Anya Schoenegge's pregnant, so I'll be sitting in on guitar. Hope to see you all there!

Re: Re: Magnolia Sisters in France

Hey Sarah,
That's great!
I knew (from Jean-Pierre Bruneau) that Anya Schoenegge's couldn't make it, but I didn't know you will join the sisters...
I just added the good news on Cajun Corner.
Cheers, Yves

Re: Re: Re: Magnolia Sisters in France

Yves--thanks for the very flattering (as usual) note on Cajun Corner. I sent my mom a link to it because I thought you really did a great write-up on the "Mag's".


Where in France?

What part of France? I have a couple of friends in Paris and Champagne (Bar-sur-Aube) I'd like to encourage to attend.

Where is France?

Is that in St. Landry parish?

Sorry, I misread you headline Maz, and I couldn't resist....Cory

Re: Where is France?

Hi Cory,
Next time you come over to Belgium, be sure to let me know in advance!
Cheers, Yves

Re: Where in France?

Hi Maz,

On June 4th & 5th they'll be in Paris...


June 2 - concert in Nantes c/o Bretagne-Acadie-Louisiane, tel 02 40 89 33 46, e-mail Gmbraud@aol.com
June 4 - concert @ théâtre L’Archipel, 17 Blvd de Strasbourg, Paris 10e www.saphirproductions.net/
June 5 -dance@ restaurant Blue Bayou, 111 rue St Maur, corner Oberkampf, Paris 11e www.pariszoomtv.com/place.asp?P=Blue+Bayou -
June 6 - concert in Ris-Orangis @ L’Entrepot or L’Avant Scene, c/o Cousins et Voisins tel 01 69 43 15 96 or 08 72 27 25 65

Re: Magnolia Sisters in France

No time,

Do they also visit the Netherlands? Please let me know, then.
In August, Wilson Savoy comes to the cajun festival at Saulieu, I heard. I think I'm gonna be there.


Re: Re: Magnolia Sisters in France

Hi Gus,

Unfortunately Holland (and Belgium) are not on their programm (yet)... but maybe they're available before 2nd or after 6th June...?
In that case we need to wake up the organisers here...

Groeten, Yves

Re: Re: Re: Magnolia Sisters in France

Yves, great idea. Last year Savoy band was in Belguim, but unfortunately in the south, a long drive. Luckily we have the cajun company in Holland.
They had a great performance in Zevenaar (the Lantaern) a month ago.
But not much people attending, so might be difficult to contract a good band?


Re: Re: Magnolia Sisters in France

When is the Saulieu Festival?

Re: Re: Re: Magnolia Sisters in France

See link 2

Re: Magnolia Sisters in France--SCHEDULE

Here's the schedule as my mom just sent it to me:

Magnolia Sisters en France 2007

2 juin-Espace International Cosmopolis
passage Graslin (18 Rue Scribe) Nantes,
21 heures-reservations Gerard Marc Braud
06 10 78 79 62

4 juin-Archipel
17 Blvd de Strasbourg Paris 10e

5 juin-Blue Bayou
(1er étage du Blue Billard)
111/113 rue Saint Maur, Paris 11eme
(angle de la rue St Maur et Oberkampf)
Métro : St Maur ou Parmentier
20 euros(boissons en supplément)
Soirée Louisiane
18h à 20h00, Stage de Danses Cajun et Zydeco
avec Martine et Yann Manac'h
18 à 19h : initiation aux danses Cajun,
19 à 20 h : Zydeco, Zydeco Chacha,
Whyskey River jitterbug
20h00, Plat louisianais
21h à 23 h, Concert/Bal Cajun avec
Reservations repas:01 43 55 87 21
(réservations recommandée!)

6 juin-L’Entrepot
avant le Pont de l'Amitié,
sur les Bords de Seine
30 euros (musique et repas)
10 euros (musique)
Installation aux tables : 19h15
Début de la Musique à 20h environ
Réservation 30 euros : ASSOCIATION
06 81 78 98 77 - daniel.rouiller@free.fr

Hope any/all of you can come out!

Yes, Wilson will be playing Saulieu, and I think we're going to be playing (my band) around there in August too.

Re: Re: Magnolia Sisters in France--SCHEDULE

Thanks, Sarah.

You should come to Holland as well.


Re: Re: Re: Magnolia Sisters in France--SCHEDULE


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