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Bonsoir Catin

Okay, I have to admit something. I have never liked women on vocals in Cajun music for some reason or another. I picked up Bonsoir Catin's cd yesterday and I love it. Kristi G has some great vocals. Kinda reminds me of a Janice Joplin type voice. Christine does a pretty good job on the cuts she sings, too. The accordion playing is really, really good, too. I got to catch them live at DBCCHW and enjoyed it. Give this CD a listen if you get the opportunity. Plus, it is the only version of Cinquante piastres that I can find. I love that song....


Re: Bonsoir Catin

Well, two words-- Kristi AND Guillory.

She's micaculous.


Re: Re: Bonsoir Catin

She's "awesome" mmkay. My "r" key seems to be sticking!


Re: Bonsoir Catin

According to my "haphazard" record information, "Cinquante Piastres" was also recorded by Joe Warren Cormier on (I think) an LP titled "Pure Cajun." (Swallow 6084).

Jack Bond

Re: Re: Bonsoir Catin

They are coming our way here in Nova Scotia at the Festival Acadien de Clare on August 4 as part of the Fais Do-Do. 'Looking forward to it.

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