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Re: Key of C or D?

It's a tough decision.

I understand what the other posters are saying about the advantages of a C accordion as far as the various learning materials is concerned. That is certainly a factor, but I am not convinced it is a decisive factor. There are many people, such as myself, who learned to play before there were any DVDs or tapes. And even now that they are available, there are mixed reviews on how helpful they really are. This is because different people learn in different ways.

As to the suggestion that a C is better because most recordings are made with a C accordion, I don't agree with that at all, for two reasons. First, there are a very large number of recordings using a D accordion, as well as Bb and other keys. Second, there are numerous software packages and hardware devices that can shift the key of a recording. I used to use such software all the time to transpose the key of a song to match the accordion I wanted to use.

The suggestion to get the high quality D accordion, and to get a cheapo C accordion as well has some merit. I did the same thing with my triple row accordions. I bought a fancy, expensive one in F-Bb-Eb, and a cheap one in G-C-F (that was in the days before pitch shifting software existed). If you can afford it, having a high quality C and D is commonly done as well. It is quite common to see a Cajun band using both key accordions on the stage, and for the fiddle player to also have two fiddles, with one of them de-tuned to match the C accordion.

In the end, I think that it could very well be the right decision to go with Jr's advice to get a D accordion.


Here are some samples in high/low C & high D

Well, I'm glad I raised this subject on your other post. I would say for your first box: definitely go with a C, then you could get a D down the road if you really get into this. With respect to your voice, I find navigating from C to D or vice versa is not a big deal, but everyone is different.

To give you a feel for this, I have attached three link above.
- Link #1 is is with my C box (Red Larry Miller Bon Cajun singing "Valse de Reno" in high C).
- Link #2 is still with my C but singing "J'ai passé devant ta porte" on the low C.
- Link #3 is with my D box (Walnut Marc Savoy Acadian), singing "Valse de Platin" in high D. I don't have clip singing in low D.

This might help you in determining your ideal voice level. Regardless of your "ideal" voice level, I think you should be able to adapt to a high C as most people do.

Re: Key of C or D?

I'd like to thank all of you for your input on helping me make the decision. I just called Junior Martin and he said I WOULD be at a disadvantage with a D just starting out. He thought I was going to be playing and singing in my own band (!) which is why he first recommended the D. Then he said, "I'll let you in on a little secret...nobody gets just one!" So I'm going to start out with the C and when I get good enough (and yes, she will!!) then I'll get a D.

Re: Re: Key of C or D?

Linda, congratulations on getting an appropriate welcome to this board. Ask for an opinion, and you'll get a plethora of them, many different, most with solid reasoning behind them. One suggestion: never use the word "Corners." And if your post is answered by anyone with "Booger" in his sign-in, you might want to skip that one. And yes, I did use the word "plethora" strictly to create an opening for Dwight.

Re: Re: Re: Key of C or D?

As in Plethorasaurus? There were a bunch of those. You old dinosaur you.

From the Eustachian Period, right?

Re: Key of C or D?

Hi Linda

I'm getting tired of sitting in front of my computer, so I won't read all the replies you got. I just noticed that no other women replied, so I'll give you my opinion.

C is very hard for me to sing in too, and D is great. If an accordion player with whom I'm going to be singing can bring only one accordion, I'll choose D. However, there are a few songs that are better for me in C, and I also like E sometimes. All the same, go with D. That's where the majority of mine are, and I think most women feel the same way.

I hope this helps.

Re: Re: Key of C or D?

i'd comment ...

1. if you don;t plan to sing, don;t worry about it
get a c

2. it;s better to err too low than too high
again indicates a c

3. the songs you plan to sing may still be
singable in the key you get, otherwise
just pick songs you can sing with the accordion
you get

every melody has a highest and lowest note
either you can hit that or you can;t

there will probably be songs that you can;t sing
on a c and vice versa

so you always have to decide that anyway

4. as far as learning, you can transpose songs
to the key you have

5. as someone else said, c is more common
in cheap chinese ones, if you have to get
a good one in d, you can always get
a cheap one in c for $200


Re: Key of C or D?


If you have a D box, you can use some software like the Amazing Slower Downer to not only slow the music down but change keys. This is for CD's and not video, DVD's.

So if the music is in C you can change it to D so you can play along. With DVD's You'll have to make an mp3 file and then bring it into the Amazing Slow Dower
to change keys.

Just a thought..... Ed

Re: Key of C or D?

Hind sight is 20/20. Linda would have been better off getting the "D" accordion! She would have been one of the few amongst the many, which would have automatically made her special. Little did she know that some of the best songs available now on youtube were made with "D" accordions. She would have been a stand out from the crowd! Besides, being a female, she could have easily just asked to borrow one of the thousands of "C" accordions floating around at the jam sessions and decided whether or not she liked the "C" accordion. Also, notice the particular preference by "Sarah Savoy" for the "D" accordion in her post on this thread. It couldn't be that her dad is also fond of the "D" accordion now would it? I'd like to go back and figure WHO THE HELL decided the "C" accordion was going to be the standard for beginners and give him a mighty hard yet well aimed kick to the ball sack! The "D" accordion....every bit as important as the "C" accordion, just hardly anyone knows about it yet.

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