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Re: Re: Re: Survey on the "I'm about to poop" syndrome...

Work? Now, there's something that makes me want to poop.

Re: Survey on the "I'm about to poop" syndrome...

Well, if I play something rather difficult, I cannot give the expression which fits to the music. . But if it's a syndrom? This Canadian bloke looks awful, but maybe because of the Christmas setting. But I forgive him, since his playing is absolutely faboulus. Reminds me to Messervier. He can play like this and at the same time have kinda non verbal communication with his audience. Do you have a video of him, Maz. Like to see him again.


Re: Survey on the "I'm about to poop" syndrome...

Accordion playing is rather difficult.
So your face is looks like your doing so.
I dont't look always like that, but most of time I do.

Re: Survey on the "I'm about to poop" syndrome...

MAN! I wish I'da been around when this thread was created. I could have offered so much information on the "I'm about to poop" syndrome while playing accordion. This thread was just sort of dropped cold. It could have been so much more! LOL. I have my own personal vendetta about this kind of face while having the nerve to perform publically way before you're ready to do so. Believe you-me, it is unfortunately a very much over used face these days. It comes from presenting your music before you truly understand your instrument and the art of Cajun music and Cajun life as it once was. It also comes from the extreme judgment you're feeling when you play for other people. You spend so much got dam time trying to play on that accordion and you just wanna play it right and make people happy that hear you. Lot's of pressure when you actually get to doing it for real in front of a live audience. Because 9 out of 10 the accordion and the player will be the center of attention in a Cajun music scenario. That's a whole lot to live up to if you're not really ready. Play your accordion in front of the mirror, and sing in front of that mirror. Talk about a slap in the face when you see yourself doing the "PoopFace". LOL and ahahahahahaha, if you become aware of the "PoopFace", you will definitely try very hard not to ever make it again. You'll work on it just as much as you work on mastering that accordion I guarantee!

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