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Re: Extensive Report from Breaux Bridge

Sounds like a good time. Merci pour le rapport!

Re: Extensive Report from Breaux Bridge


That little lake is special...

Very dear friends own the yellow acadian cottage across the lake from the Vidrine's. In fact, they are the family that originally started the B&B.

Appreciate the report and the little daydream you started me on...


Re: Re: Extensive Report from Breaux Bridge

Yes, Sandy Vidrine said that Stephanie and Chris Baker, who now own the CCC B&B, bought it from the couple who own the house across the lake, and that he was a baptist preacher who also had a radio fishing show, but I can't remember what she said their name was.
It was great to sit on the back porch and listen to the frogs and kaydeedids, and watch the bream and bass rippling the lake. Made it hard to think about havin' to go back to work today.

Re: Re: Re: Extensive Report from Breaux Bridge


Jim and Judy Allen. He was at KLFY channel 10 for years and did have a sport fishing show there as well.

The Baker's are great people and doing a fine job with that business. Stephanie is quite an artist and Chris literally built the main house from nothing.It was a run down home that they moved there. When they moved that home to the property I felt he bit off too much work--but look at it now--oooweeee! Me a lak dat,hein?


PS--the cure for work is either hit harder or relax more, I never can remember.

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