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Re: Re: Re: bonjour...I'm new and i've got some questions :)

I know he's doing repairs, but I'm not sure if he's building them in Georgia. his e-mail address is cajun1enterprises@yahoo.com

Re: Re: bonjour...I'm new and i've got some questions :)

While hurricane Katrina blew us into Georgia we are doing fine guys. While I have not yet been able to replace all the tools lost I do plan to do so and start building accordions again in the very near future. In the interim I put my 2 cents in on the discussion page here and try to help those starting to build accordions on another forum. For now I am doing repairs on all types of acordions and belong to the Atlanta accordion club. I like to help those starting out and had an apprentice in my shop before the storm. For those who were concerned "Thank you very much".

Re: Re: Re: bonjour...I'm new and i've got some questions :)

Hi John

I don't guess I know you but I was so sorry to read about your business having been closed down because of the hurricane. I hope you'll get it back up and running again soon.

Warm regards...

to Sarah

Hi Sarah. We met years ago at something Randy Spirer did in New Orleans but we don't realy know each other. I am from Eunice and went to school with your father. He and I know each other well. Your father also knew my brother Vernon as he had done interviews with your father for features when my brother was news anchor and feature reporter for Channel nine in Baton Rouge. I still have family in Eunice and used to see your father and mother when they played in New Orleans at various festivals. We moved to the suburbs of New Orleans in 1966 and lived in St. Bernard parish. Thank you for your concern.

Re: bonjour...I'm new and i've got some questions :)

I've gotta Martin in C I am selling if you are interested. It's curly maple stained mahogany, with crawfish bellows. Would sell it for $1,300.

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