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Philippe Bruneau

Anyone ever heard Philippe Bruneau Play? Havent found anything online but maybe you might know of something I might be able to listen to.

Re: Philippe Bruneau

He's a well known player in Quebec, but I don't know a whole lot about him. Here's a link on him.

Re: Re: Philippe Bruneau

Philippe retired and now lives in France (Provence). It seems that he didn't get the rewarding he should have in Canada. When you go to St. Chartier festival in France there is a chance you can meet him there. He is/was a tremendous good player on the one row.


Re: Re: Philippe Bruneau

Listen to Plilippe and you will hear some things done on a single row accordoin that you might not believe possible. Maz may correct my french spelling but his: Homage au Musician International and La Mare de Dieu are someting else indeed. He does not play only Quebec style music but is very diverse and also a very good composer and I only touch on a very very small sampling of his work. He plays some Cajun but finds it somewhat simple. For those who think that button number 1 is only for tuning think again. Philippe played it often and many times along with button numnber 10 at the same time. The guy can span the whole keyboard. He also plays the 3 row accordion very very well. In brief, he is a great musician and composer but always felt that he was not getting the proper reconigation in Quebec so he moved to France which turned out to be Quebecs loss and Frances gain.

I meet him several times in the provence of Quebec when I was exhibiting there at which time he gave me some pointers on my accordions and taught me how to play button number 1 and 10 at he same time. To start with you hands have to be pretty big and limber and It takes pratice.

I will try to get friends in Quebec to post information on him and his older albums and latest CD's.

Re: Re: Re: Philippe Bruneau

Another of Quebecs very greats whom I got to meet but is now deceased was Gilles Pare. For a time Gilles was my agent for accordion sales in Quebec.

Question for John

Where are you located John?
You seem to be (or were) in the accordion business?

Re: Question for John

Maz I am now located in Ellijay Ga.. This is up north of Atlanta in the mountains in the Coosawattee River Resort. Check the place out on the internet if you like. I am still in the accordions business. (repairs on all types) We are not far from Helen, Ga where there is an established group of piano accordion players who play German music in Helen. Helen is modeled after an Austrian type village. A big tourist attraction.

Where are you located Maz. We used to visit Canada (Eastern Part) quiet often and still have friends there near Montreal.

Re: Re: Question for John

I'm in Halifax, Nova Scotia (la terre des ancêtres des cajuns). I was raised in Montreal.

Re: Re: Re: Question for John

Stayed overnight in Halifax several years ago while attending the Acadian Congress in Nova Scotia. Seemed like a nice city and we regretted we were not able to stay longer. I am originally from Eunice, La. The heart of acadian country. tout a l'heure

Acadian Congres in '03...

There you go. We must have been on the Citadell hill that night, along with the 10,000 others or so. What a great show!

Re: Re: Re: Philippe Bruneau

Philippe Bruneau is considered here in Quebec to be one of the greatest and most creative accordion players ever. I have heard that is true that he moved to France, bitter about not being as successful as an artist as he deserved.Apparently he is a proud & difficult person and doesn't open up easily even to those in the traditional music community who do appreciate and celebrate his music.
La vie de musicien, c'est une vie bien dure.
Ever know any musicians like him?

Re: Philippe Bruneau

Hey Grey! Nice to see you here. Hope the water is still going down. I haven't heard of Philippe Bruneau

Re: Re: Philippe Bruneau

Thanks for all the help folks.Read about this amazing guy in an article about Marc Savoy. Hello Mr. William. Good to see your post. Basement is finally dry. We are much more fortunate than some.

Re: Philippe Bruneau

Hey Gregg glad to learn you're finally starting to dry out and you're safe.
I drove my Dad to the air port this morning to meet with other WWll vets. They're going to Washington DC (as opposed to Washington EC) for the dedication of WWll memorial. Then they will return tonight.
Wife just made some chicken and sausage Jambalaya and it's ready. Later

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