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Re: What makes your favorite band/artist your "favorite?"

My favorite band actively playing are the Pine Leaf Boys because:

--They are passionate, not only about the music but the culture, heritage and history behind it all.

--They are all nice, humble, down to earth guys (well maybe "down to earth" is not the best discription for Jean Bertrand )

--They are young energetic and Wilson is freaking hilarious!

--Multicultural, there are not many creole fiddlers around, but the Pine Leaf Boys have one of the very best in Cedric Watson, which adds a wonderful dimension to their music.

--They are authentic and knowlegable. I love how Wilson will ask trivia questions and give brief history lessons inbetween songs.

--They get the crowd involved, they will ask you to come on stage with them during Zydeco Gris Gris, and if you can play an/or sing Wilson will be more than happy to share the stage with you.

--Each member of the band (maybe with the execption of Jean Bertrand) can play multiple instuments and play them VERY well. And 3 of the 5 members have excellent authentic singing voices.


Re: Re: What makes your favorite band/artist your "favorite?"

Someone has an issue with Jean Bertrand

Re: Re: Re: What makes your favorite band/artist your "favorite?"

no lie!!! by the way it's spelled JON Bertrand

Re: What makes your favorite band/artist your "favorite?"

No, I think you guys have me all wrong. I think "Jon" is a great guy from the few times I have met him. I was just poking fun in a friendly kinda of way. Please keep in mind that when I posted this it was only a few days after seeing a Pine Leaf show where Jon was wearing a toga made out of something like a table cloth, lol...

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