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We are a YEAR-ROUND HOLIDAY WEBSITE featuring a Tibetan Spaniel FAQ, Links to other Tibetan Spaniel Websites, and informational breed LINKS! Our "HOME IS IN STEVENSON, ALABAMA" and we sponsor a website at:  ,promoting "THE ANNUAL STEVENSON DEPOT DAYS FESTIVAL" held each June in historic downtown Stevenson, Alabama! 

Gin-Tai TibbieTalk:A Tibetan Spaniel Forum
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RE:Stevenson, Alabama Depot Days Festival 2004!

Guess this announcement belongs HERE, since we are a YEAR-ROUND HOLIDAY WEBSITE, and always look forward to our hometown's annual Depot Days Celebration.
The upcoming 2004 Class & Band Reunions are SPECIAL Depot Days Celebrations for me, personally, since I enjoyed some of the best experiences of my life as a member of the Clarinet Section of The Stevenson High School Panther Band while in high school in the 1950s and later served as Interim Band Director in the Early 1960s! This will be a wonderful opportunity to see others who also shared in the organization of the first band at Stevenson High School and of the Jackson County Band (Stevenson, Bridgeport, Scottsboro,)both under the skilled direction of Mr. Eugene Blake. I understand there will be band members from these groups marching in the 2004 Depot Days Parade! Hope to see you there!


We salute Mrs. Annie Maude Talley, the recently elected GRAND MARSHAL for the 2004 FESTIVAL PARADE! She is a wonderful lady and has contributed much to the community, schools, and churches of our area. CONGRATULATIONS, Annie Maude!

We at The Gin-Tai Tibetan Spaniels are inviting YOU to post your comments, information, and questions about this exciting yearly DEPOT DAYS FESTIVAL here on our FORUM. The classes graduating in 1934, '44, '54, '64, '74, '84, '94, and 2004 are holding REUNIONS during this DEPOT DAYS FESTIVAL. So............if your class is getting together this year, or if you are a former member of either The Stevenson High School Panther Band or The North Jackson High School Chiefs Band, we hope to see you gathered 'round The HISTORIC STEVENSON, ALABAMA RAILROAD MUSEUM in HISTORIC DOWNTOWN or somewhere in the PARADE on Saturday, June 12th, 2004!

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