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Gin-Tai TibbieTalk:A Tibetan Spaniel Forum

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We are a YEAR-ROUND HOLIDAY WEBSITE featuring a Tibetan Spaniel FAQ, Links to other Tibetan Spaniel Websites, and informational breed LINKS! Our "HOME IS IN STEVENSON, ALABAMA" and we sponsor a website at:  ,promoting "THE ANNUAL STEVENSON DEPOT DAYS FESTIVAL" held each June in historic downtown Stevenson, Alabama! 

Gin-Tai TibbieTalk:A Tibetan Spaniel Forum
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VISIT OUR NEW "Memorial Day" Site!


In an effort to honor the "Search and Rescue Dogs" on "Memorial Day 2002", I have just finished updating my website to include links to the wonderful photo essay and other information available at the American Kennel Club's Website.

I have also written a couple of original poems on the subject of "Pet Loss" and some suggestions for "dealing with" Pet Bereavement. This is, at best, a difficult time, and my intent is to offer support and comfort to those reaching the point of searching for a NEW pet.

Anyone who would like to post advice, tributes, poetry,etc., should email the post to me at the email link above. I will be happy to add links or post on my site, ASAP.

Another NEW FEATURE is a NEWS HEADLINE by BRAVENET! Please visit atURL: