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Gin-Tai TibbieTalk:A Tibetan Spaniel Forum

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Gin-Tai TibbieTalk:A Tibetan Spaniel Forum
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Is The Tibetan Spaniel The Breed For You?

Will you and a Tibbie fit like "two peas in a pod"? Selecting a Tibetan Spaniel to share your home and your life is a long-term decision, since the Tibetan Spaniel has a very long life expectation. Living with a Tibbie is an exciting, although sometimes challenging adventure! The most exasperating quality of this ancient and unique breed is its

fierce independence. If you are expecting a submissive personality, the Tibetan Spaniel may not be the breed for you. Highly intelligent, the Tibbie may often outwit even the most experienced dog owners. Lovable and entertaining,

this breed is adventurous and often unpredictable! If you are ready for a never-ending puzzle to lead you on a "merry chase", then, this breed may really be your "cup of tea".

For additional information on my impressions of the Tibetan Spaniel, after nine years of experience as an Owner/Breeder/Handler, please visit my website at:

Re: Is The Tibetan Spaniel The Breed For You?

We welcome your questions and comments and hope to
hear from you soon!
Our tri-colored Ch Gin-Tai's Blaque Bhu-Ti, "Beauty", is bred to a young Major-pointed male, Ambrier's Zesty Zesty Sudz, "Zesty", who is a son of Ch Tsand Tibroke Oriental Mystic,ROM and
BIS,BISS Ch Ambrier Boda Zelicious Zema,ROM-X! The
litter is expected October 22-23, 2003. We are very
excited about this breeding! For additional information please visit ourTibetan Spaniel Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ,!