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Gin-Tai TibbieTalk:A Tibetan Spaniel Forum

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We are a YEAR-ROUND HOLIDAY WEBSITE featuring a Tibetan Spaniel FAQ, Links to other Tibetan Spaniel Websites, and informational breed LINKS! Our "HOME IS IN STEVENSON, ALABAMA" and we sponsor a website at:  ,promoting "THE ANNUAL STEVENSON DEPOT DAYS FESTIVAL" held each June in historic downtown Stevenson, Alabama! 

Gin-Tai TibbieTalk:A Tibetan Spaniel Forum
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We're In D'PET SHOW this week!


Gin-Tai Tibetan Spaniels' Website at TheSiteFights won "The Grooming Area Award" for this week! Also, our SiteFightsTeam, D'PETS, won the Team Spirit Award for the week of November 18th! Go Team! I've written a NEW original

Fight Song sung to the tune of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame"!

Please VOTE for our site this week to win "Best In Show" and

join us in a "Spirited" Sing-Along at our LINK at URL:

Please sing LOUD and VOTE every day!