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Re: Albums for sale!!!!

listen here bitch, a true manowar fan doesn't sale anythin with manowar, you are goin to fuckin die and we'll taste your blood from our blades, if you want to sell somethin sale your fuckin ugly cunt!

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hi all,

ive just finished my collection of Manowar Cd's and as such dont need my vinyl albums anymore, but im not going to just get rid of them id like them to go to a Manowar fan! here are the albums:

Kings of Metal

Fighting the World

Battle Hymns

Sign of The Hammer

They are all in pretty good condition and have been looked after. So if you or anyone you know is interested in them send me an email and we can chat and sort something out for them. I honestly dont know how much they are worth but as long as i get enough for postage and sentimental value then im sure we can sort something out.