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CFB langar

Hi there, I was with my family at CFB langar 1958-62. I have also tried to google the old pmq's to see if they are still there. I remember walking to school past an old church and gravesite and down a long road with cows and bulls. Is this the "infant school?" I was the head of the table for the fabulous hot lunches. Anyone rember the base swimming pool? We were neighbours to the Buchanans, marions,nelsons, and renaults, Bev

Re: CFB langar

The PMQ's are there. We left in 1963 and within 18 months, about a third of the houses were occupied. I ha pave a letter from the head master saying that a new school was built after we left. Radcliffe on Trent infants school was closed.

Now, the open spaces of the cul de sacs have been In- filled with garages and many front yards are paved over, as parkng spots.

Google earth shows them. We lived on Saskatchewan Close. Deeoffs, Cosby, Bermans were friends.


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