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Chatham NB

I am looking for anyone who lived on the Chatham NB Air Force Base between in the early 1960's. I was 4 or 5 when I lived there and I think it would be fun to try find anyone I might have known from that time in my life.

Re: Chatham NB

We were in Chatham (RCAF Stn Chatham if you please) between 1958 and 1963. We lived at 411 Edmonton Crescent. I went to D.L. MacLaren School on the base. Mr Coffee was the principal (succeeded by 'Huzzy' Hay). Teachers (don't remember all of them) were Mrs Watson, Mrs. Taylor and Mrs Harrison. Friends included: Jimmy Orman, Michael Hollobow, Jamie Hoskins, Frankie Jacques, Michael Gallant, Ricky Farmer, Dixon Paquette, Brian Zwicker, Danny Donnelly, John, Cathy, Patsy and Ron McRoberts and John Maitland. Please forgive me for forgetting the names of all the rest. It's been a while. I can still see the faces, though