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just a rambling letter from a old brat

hi carol,i am back from holidays and must say i had a great time.i do see that no one has any info on barbra.i also had a reply from dnd.i have been spelling her last name wrong.i hope the spelling on the classmates photo is correct.i will try sending that to dnd to see if they have any information where they might have gone from the bay.i was in williams lake today and the photo shop that i took my negitives to has still not got pics back.i told the guy he was really dragging his butt.another week to 10 days he said.i will send them to you when i get them.
when on holiday in penticton i went kayaking 2 times.first on youngest kids 33 birthday,we both went down the similkamean river about 5 miles.then 2 days later on my birthday i went farther up and did about 8 miles of different water.first time going down a river like that.did canoe once in cariboo river near home once.then went up mount kobau.thats at almost 6000 feet.we both like takeing pics.after that a hike up a canyon east of penticton.cliff wall of several hundred feet to about 2000.thats looking up.really rugged country.bighorn sheep country.then oldest boy came down for 2 days so we took the 3 grand daughters tubeing down the okanogan river chanel.some days there will be 2 or 3 thousand people doing that trip.its about 2.5 miles.
second night back at work we had a sever electrial storm.i have tried getting lightning pics for years.that night just at dusk i figured it out with digital camera.i got about 25 awsome pics.the best of them blew any ideas i ever had on a lightning bolt.any pics i ever seen show a bright streak of light but no close up detail.well lots have a really wild looking spiral to them,and there huge in diamiter.looks like as much as 20 ft. or more when compared to trees nearby the has hit a tree just as i clicked pic.sparks are showing in pic comeing from near the ground a second before it exploded in a ball of fire.all pics are taken with a 6 at about a mile at most.over one hundred strikes in 2 hours on a ridge across a lake from me.just awsome stuff to watch.
i am including bev,s last name the way it is writen in classmates photo.i am hopeing it will help in my search.bev jukasky or sister barbra.they have a brother also,i belive his name was brian.well must stop this someplace so hopeing to hear from anyone who has information.


Re: just a rambling letter from a old brat


LOL, great post. Nice to find another "old fart" on the site. Our youngest is also 33 so I suspect we might have a few old war stories in common. I was a PMQ brad in the 50's (Rockcliffe, Metz, Winnipeg) and later did my bit for Queen and Country (mostly over the North Atlantic).