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Who livedf n Ste. Cecile or Florenville, Belgium?

While Marville was being built in 1951-2, many brats and their families lived in the Belgian and French countryside. Is there anyone who lived in either Ste. Cecile or in Florenville still around? We traveled by RCAF bus (driven by Cpl Rolly Hazel) to school in the village of St. Jean at the chateau.

Re: Who livedf n Ste. Cecile or Florenville, Belgium?

hello,i was not over there at any time but you are an older brat like myself.i am wondering if you lived at north bay in the middle to late 50,s. i am trying to locate friends from in particular is barbra jakosky.i am not sure if i have the spelling right yet for her last name.i do have pics of her and her sister bev and brother .i am trying any leads that might help and you being older by a year or 2 than me.... wellll

thank you


Re: Who lived in Ste. Cecile or Florenville, Belgium?

Hi Don,

Great to hear from someone. However, I never lived in North Bay. The closest I ever came was when I taught elementary school in Elliot Lake, Chapleau and Sault Ste. Marie ( in the 1960's).

I've read your messages about Barb, but do not know her. Have you tried using Canada 411. It's phone listings and you can select a search for all of Canada. However, if she married, she has a new surname and you face another hurdle.

Keep up the good fight. Believe me, it's a fight to try to find anyone these days.