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Have you seen offensive material on the cafba web site?

Hi all,

It has been brought to my attention, by one of the Brats, that some of the utube videos being displayed on the cafba website may have been offensive to some members.

While for the vast part they have only displayed 'military related' videos as per my original request from Utube, it seems that there have been some language issues in some of the videos.

Following is my reply to the brat who brought this issue to my attention.


First off thanks for stopping by the cafba web site and for exchanging your views about the content of the utube videos being displayed.

Up until recently the only videos that have been playing on the web site have been military related videos.

As you make no specific mention of the type of content you saw I can only presume that it was not military related.

While I do not condone censorship of any kind I do agree with your comments on profanity and filthy language but I also recognize that we are all different and have vastly different tolerance levels.

To avoid any future 'wrong videos' from being shown I have removed the utube option from the home page and other pages.

I apologize if something beyond my control,like the video you saw that was offered outside my content guidelines, was offensive to you.

Alan (cafba)

If at any time any of you Brats find something on the cafba web site that you find offensive, please bring it to my attention.

I am not saying that everything will be removed however I do want the site to reflect what BRATS believe in and are willing to support!

Now please take the time and share your comments on this topic.

Have you seen offensive material on the cafba web site?