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Does anyone remember my father, Padre McAvany (Jack)?

We lived on several bases...St. Hubert, Goose Bay, Uplands, Rivers, Centralia, back to St. Hubert, Borden, and lastly, Trenton where my father retired from the service. My dad's wife was Jackie McAvany. They had six daughters of which I am one (Starr). I miss service life. People don't understand it when I try to explain how special it was. My husband and I went back to Rivers in the late 90's and it was sad to see all the pmq's pretty much gone. What has happened to all our bases?! Thank goodness for memories. I wouldn't have changed service life for anything. I miss hearing the planes overhead and seeing the uniforms every day and the common bond we all had...even as kids. Let me know if the name McAvany rings any bells. Regards.

Re: Does anyone remember my father, Padre McAvany (Jack)?

Hi Star,

We were posted to Rivers the same time as your family. My sister Bonnie and I remember Padre McAvany, you and your sister Jewel. We left Rivers for Trenton in 1966. There were five of us children Stephen, Bonnie, Dawn (me), Colin and Timothy. We are now living in the Ottawa area and my brother Stephen actually attended a reunion of Rivers Collegiate held in Ottawa a couple of years ago. Now that is a blast from the past!!!

Re: Does anyone remember my father, Padre McAvany (Jack)?

Yes, I remember your father. I attended Sunday School and your father was the Padre. I went to school with Jewel at Queen Elizabeth Public School at Uplands Air Base. Our last posting was in North Bay, ON, and I am still here. LOL nj

Re: Does anyone remember my father, Padre McAvany (Jack)?

Hi Starr;
I'm new to this site and kinda late responding to you query. I do remember your father from Rivers. My dad was stationed there from 63 to 66 and we lived 10 Shilo St.
I remember Sunday school in the balcony of the theatre and going to church and listening to your dad's sermons. I remember being quite inquisitive about the whole concept of religion in my early teens so I paid pretty close attention.
As I recall you had a younger sister by the name of Jewel. My older brother Jamie (Jim) has some recollection of your older sisters too. Were there names Darlene and Bonnie?
I, too, miss those days on the bases. They were such great communities and a wonderful way to grow up.
Bob Black