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Manes and Tails Organization - Virtual Wild Horse & Burro Herd Adoptions

Please create a new post with your preferred herd to adopt.

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How this works...

This is easy; I will use the info that you supply including your name, town/city and state and the name of the herd you want to adopt!

If you have any questions, please email me...



Your City Hoboken

Your State New Jersey

Re: How this works...

I would like to adopt the Calico Herds. The suffering & torture these families have gone through at the hands of our government and convicted wild horse killer, Catoor, is a case study in evil. Their lives, bones, families, and spirits are shattered. I pray for their release and wish they could know that so many are fighting for them and love them. Let us not forget the dead, prosecute their killers, and fight for the living.

Your City Huntsville

Your State AL

Herd you want to adopt I want to adopt & free the Calico Herds