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I am adopting the Chocolae Mule Mountain herd

Information from the BLM site on this herd:
159,000 acres for 121 wonderful burros....

LOCATION: The Chocolate Mule Mountains Herd Management Area is located in southeastern Imperial County, CA along the Colorado River bordering the Picacho State Recreation Area west of Yuma, AZ.

ACREAGE: 159,000 acres are managed for wild burros




HERD SIZE: 121 head

BURRO COLORS: Gray, Blue, and Black

SIZE OF HORSES: 10-11 hands and 400-600 pounds

HISTORY: The wild burros were introduced to this area in the mid-1800s when mining was at its’ highest. As the miners abandoned their miners they turned the burros out to fend for themselves.

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Your State CA

Herd you want to adopt Chocolate Mule Mountain, CA. 671