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This Bravenet-provided message board software sucks bloated, emerald-hued donkey phalli.

Believe it or not, this is the "Pro" version offering from my web host: Bravenet. Can you say, "WTF!?!" There’s no membership procedure, no PM capability, no “Report this post to a Moderator” link. How utterly primitive!?! Dammit, if somebody says somethin’ I don’t like, I'm autonomously predisposed to invariably cry like a little bitch to the nearest available sympathetic “Moderator”, and they usually just ban ‘em right there on the spot!

All bullshit aside, this, right here, is undoubtedly THE saddest excuse for bulletin board software that I've ever come across thusfarly, and I wanna thank all you who’ve defiantly chosen to overlook this glaring FACT, and went ahead to post with reckless abandon, while simultaneously tossing a great deal of caution directly into a light breeze.

Thank you,

WebMeister Bräu Bamm

PS: Cheers!