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Re: Thanks for your critique, Boss!

No ads is a good thing. But take my word for it...on June 12th you'll have less than 10 additional posts on your site than you do now. Is that worth the money you're paying?

If you're payting good money for a site, then why not do something good and unique with it? 90% of the internet is already porn or close to it (re: farm animals). What do you have to add that will enhance the already perfected state of i-porn and nasty chat sites?

You seem pretty smart. I think you have the ability to put your talent to use and do something good here, instead of going for cheap laughs and college humor mingled with T&A.

You should consider writing what you know about that might help someone else...just a thought.

Re: Re: Thanks for your critique, Boss!

Thanks for your feedback, Boss. It’s an honor for me to read others’ honest appraisal of my online presence. Your constructive criticism means a great deal to me.

You ask me if this site is worth the money. I say, ABSOLUTELY. You probably have no idea how it feels to be booted out of an online community for no other reason than speaking your mind. Let me tell ya somethin’: It sucks… badly.

I am bound and determined, to the greatest extent possible, to ensure that that will never happen again.

Again, thank you for contributing your two cents, Boss. I truly appreciate it.


Re: Re: Re: Thanks for your critique, Boss!

Lookin good BammBamm!! It's your quarter, do your thing!

Re: My people will call your people. This is eminently doable.

The Boss was right!

Re: Welcome to the Show&Tell Forum!

I had trouble getting in here the last few days, something about the site being down.

You should have no further trouble, Hunter. I took care of it.

It's tough to find good IT folk in this day & age. I had to fire the entire staff over their insolence.

Please try your call again.