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Hey Bammers

I like your site and all the hard work you've done. Super!

I feel like an intruder though, like the site was geared for the testosterone set and I accidently stumbled in but what the heck, I can enjoy pretty things myself, right?

Your site really is clever and I'm impressed.

Re: Hey Bammers

Welcome, Mission!

This site is open to all. It ain't much, but it sure is cozy!

SSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Did you just hear that? 'Almost sounded like a tumbleweed stampede. As you can see, my little message board doesn't witness a great deal of traffic. It isn't meant to. But I figured, if I was gonna make a website, I may as well have a two-bit forum, in case anybody wanted to toss in their two cents worth.

Re: Hey Bammers

Hey I put my two cents in but there no two cents smilie!

Howdy Hntr!

I profusely apologize to you, my good sir, for the lack of a proper two-cent smilie on my humble forum but, in all fairness, I would very much like to direct your attention toward the following crickable quote by one Sir Miguel Jägermeister:

"Just 'cause you want somthin' don't mean you're gonna get it."