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mowing the runway

i will mow the runway when i go to the flying site after work today we will have one kid coming in for trainning after he gets off school fld marsahll jay beaton

Re: mowing the runway

Tues, May 17 Mowed runway and cross-wind runway this afternoon. It really needed it after only 3 days. The grass is growing like crazy, if you listen carefully, you can hear it grow.
We are trying an experiment by cutting the cross-wind runway to 75' wide. This will give us a larger pit area plus one more pilot station, with less area to mow and more hay for Stretch. Try it and see if it is acceptable for you. And give us your feedback.
During this trial period please do not mow the now higher grass on the left (west) side of the cross-wind runway.
If this turns out successful, we will try a 75' width for the main runway (runway length remains as it is now), which will allow us to move the pit area out 20' more so as to accommodate auto parking and e-z up canopys on the runway side of the drive.
It has also been suggested to try either head-in or back-in hangar-trailer parking on the runway side of the drive, in the area before the pits, opposite the out-house.
Any comments?
Don Sanders

Re: mowed the runway june 2, 2010

june 2, 2010 on thursday mowed runway and cross-wind runway this afternoon did not do the pits or the crosswind over by the pits i will do that this weekend the real mower works great now thanks pope for helping me get it mowing the right way i will oil and grease the real mower this weekend as that needs to be done see everyone this weekend for flying von beat-on fld marshall