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Re: Spring 2013 GFF Fly-In

Our field is in great shape,
The weather looks good too,
Come join us at our fly-in,
There's nothing better to do.

Fly electrics on the 15th,
Everything on the 16th,
Come on over you will be glad,
To celebrate with good ole dad.

It's not over yet,
How silly can I get,
Tho we may have just met,
We'll have fun flying I bet.

By now you can tell I'm no poet,
But I'll never know it,
Cause as I look at my feet,
They sure are Longfellows.

Oooh that is so bad,
Please don't get too mad,
So fly with us to be glad,
It'll be the best fun you've ever had.

Did you get the message, the fly-in is on, well it is.